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 PA 407 of 2016 - Skilled Trades Regulation Act 

This Public Act takes effect on April 4, 2017 and replaces the public acts that separately regulated licensed residential builders, electricians, plumbers, mechanical trades and Act 54 registered inspectors/building officials/plan reviewers.

Click to view and download:  PA 407 of 2016


March Update (updated March 1, 2017) 


NMCOA Members,


Our March 17, 2017 meeting is not too far away.  We will meet at the Alpine Lodge of Gaylord, beginning at 9:00 am.  The programs to be presented WILL NOT be as shown on the schedule.  Due to a scheduling issue, the programs originally planned are being moved to the Fall.  In place of those programs we have scheduled a 3 hour program on Carbon Monoxide Alarms. Program details include:

Carbon Monoxide Requirements for the Code Official  #CP-17-00021

3 hours credit  (1 Admin, 1 Tech, 1 PR) Admin and PR for all trades  Tech for BI, BO/PR

John Swanson - Instructor


 As a reminder, 2017 NMCOA Membership renewals are due.  We have had response from about 75% of the membership so far.  For those who have not submitted their 2017 dues and renewal form, please do so.


Those jurisdictions participating in MADCAD through NMCOA have received emails regarding renewal of the MADCAD subscription for 2017.  It is very important that the jurisdictions involved respond promptly as the current subscription expires March 6, 2017.  In order for NMCOA to keep this subscription we need the participation of all jurisdictions that participated last year, as the total NMCOA cost of that subscription is spread out among all participants.  We still need to hear from a few to meet our minimum quota for the funds necessary for renewal.  The MADCAD program provides quick and easy access to most of the REQUIRED referenced standards found in the codes.  If your jurisdiction did not participate in our subscription last year, but would like to now, please contact Martin Van Berlo, NMCOA Education Chairman at 231-439-8988 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for registration information.




MADCAD Renewal forms have been sent out to those jurisdictions that participated last year.  If your jurisdiction wishes to participate and needs information, please contact Martin Van Berlo, NMCOA Education Chairman for more information or visit the MADCAD page by clicking the link below.



Miscellaneous Documents and program slideshows available:


February AM program powerpoint slideshow (click to download) 

Grounding Rebar Handout

Sample Inspector agreement

 September 11 2015 Handouts and Power Point (click to download)

This is a large file, please be patient while it downloads...


Fireworks Program Information:   Click the links below to access

Power Point Presentation

Consumer Fireworks Guideline

Fire Chiefs Delegation Letter

Plan Review Guidelines

LARA BFS Fireworks Safety General Rules

Instructor contact Information - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



 Recent Employment Postings

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