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January Update  

Our first meeting of 2017 is set for Friday, January 20, 2017, at the Alpine Lodge of Gaylord. We will begin our meeting at 9:00 am. The program being presented is as shown on the 2017 Proposed Agenda, and includes:

Basics of Fire Alarm Plan Reviews   #16-00013

1 Hour Specialty, 2 Hours Technical, 3 Hours Plan Review EI, BI, BO/PR          

Art Shaw - Instructor

The instructor advises that you bring your 2012 MBC, as well as NFPA 72 if you have a copy available in your office, for reference during the program.

Thank you to those who have quickly submitted your 2017 NMCOA membership and dues. Your promptness is appreciated. For those looking for the 2017 NMCOA Membership Application, it can be found at www.nmcoa.org. The form can be filled out, then printed and mailed with the dues amount to the address shown on the form.

Those who are part of our MADCAD subscription will receive a renewal notice in the near future. Our subscription is up for renewal in March. Your prompt attention to the renewal form, when received, will be greatly appreciated. That form will be sent out as soon as a final cost is determined.





Grounding Rebar Handout


Sample Inspector agreement


September 11 2015 Handouts and Power Point (click to download)

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Fireworks Program Information:   Click the links below to access

Power Point Presentation

Consumer Fireworks Guideline

Fire Chiefs Delegation Letter

Plan Review Guidelines

LARA BFS Fireworks Safety General Rules

Instructor contact Information - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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